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Are you a property owner in San Diego looking for the best property management company in San Diego? Hiring someone or a company to manage your investment is such a major decision. Therefore, you need to conduct your research before selecting one. The search for the right company can be difficult.

Fortunately, by following these tips, there’s no doubt that your search will be simplified:

Tip #1: Conduct an Extensive Online Search for Managers

When it comes to conducting an online search for property managers, you can utilize sites such as AllPropertyManagement and T-Rex Global. The platforms allow you to feed in your location as well as the size of your property. After that, they will generate a comprehensive list of the companies within your area.

Prior to wasting your time interviewing any property manager, you must check out company reviews on platforms like Yelp or Facebook.

It’s also an incredible idea to check out Better Business Bureau to establish the kind of rating your prospective company has.

Tip #2: Consider the Kind of Services on Offer

A good number of property management companies offer services such as:

  • Tenant relations
  • Lease negotiations
  • Rent collection
  • Maintenance programs
  • Budgeting
  • Planning

Nonetheless, it’s of high importance to confirm with a property management company on the exact type of services they provide for the amount you’ll pay them. The good thing is that some companies might offer extra services like landscaping and marketing. The rule of thumb is to always seek clarification on the kind of services on offer.

Tip #3: Is the Company Accredited

One of the major requirements a company must have has to do with accreditation. You must demand for prove of necessary accreditation, licensing and certifications. It’s prudent to settle for a management company with professional agents that hold certain designations in terms of expertise. Moreover, you must look into reviews to verify what people have to say regarding the company’s processes, style and services.

Tip #4: Compare Management Fees and Monthly Rates

Many property management companies normally require you to pay a fixed percentage of the monthly rental rate. The percentage covers things such as 24/7 coverage for emergencies and repair logistics. It’s important to note that extra repair costs are normally added to the percentage. While lower rates might mean more profit, you should avoid judging a company by how inexpensive their rates are. The rate should always be among the many factors to consider when making your decision.

Some of the other fees to have a look into include leasing commissions, administrative fees etc. All of these are usually based on your agreement terms. For you to arrive at the final figure a company offers, you should compare their services and fees to competitors.

Tip #5: How Does the Company Screen Residents

While many people consider a rigorous screening process to be difficult, it’s quite beneficial in the long run. By conducting a thorough credit card and background check, the company will ensure that the lease is handled to only responsible residents. Failure to initiate such screenings does more harm than good. Actually, one is highly likely to settle for a resident that not only damages property, but also makes late payments.


The search for a property management company in San Diego can be quite challenging. The fact that many companies exist doesn’t make things any easier. By employing the above strategies in your search process, you’ll be able to land the best manager for your property.